FAQs - OceanSense Freediving

Frequently Asked Questions

Please browse our FAQs below, and if you have any questions contact us here.

Also known as breath hold diving or apnea, freediving is a recreational activity or sport that consist of diving underwater without using any SCUBA. 

The journey to learn freediving, starts with the fundamentals and understanding of the body mechanisms that we activate.

To learn more about this, and learn how to freedive, sign up to our Level 1 course.

PADI and SSI have options for Level 1 courses for students aged 12 years and older, with some limitations on depth. If you have any questions feel free to conatct us. 
For PADI Master or SSI Level 3 minimun age is 18 years old.

There is no maximum age restriction. As long as you have no freediving related medical conditions, you can participate in our courses!

If you unsure, always seek medical advice. 

Although it is better to have your own, we can provide you with all the gear. Just select the rental equipment options when you book

- Mask and Snorkel
- Wetsuit (5mm)
- Long fins
- Rubber weightbelt
- Weights

Yes we have all gear:

Mask and Snorkel: Can borrow from us, no cost.
Wetsuit: We rent 5mm for $15 a day or $25 for both days if paid in advance.
Long fins: We rent 5mm for $15 a day or $25 for both days if paid in advance.
Rubber weightbelt: Can borrow from us, no cost.
Weights: Can borrow from us, no cost.

You only need adequate swimming skills and have no medical conditions related to Freediving.
No prior experience with snorkelling, skin diving or freediving is required.

Learn to freedive with expert instructors & small classes in a safe and supportive environment.