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Freediving Day Trips

line diving and Exploration of The Best Freediving locations

Our freediving day trips are suitable for certified Freedivers looking to train some depth and equalisations techniques in the line and explore the ocean, as well as those still needing to complete freediving course requirements in the ocean.

Our team of certified instructors and coaches will take you to some of the best freediving spots up and down the Queensland Coast. 

Freedive Sunshine Coast out of Mooloolaba or Noosa, Gold Coast out of Runaway Bay, Brisbane, and the Whitsunday Islands out of Airlie Beach. When it comes to Australian dive and freedive in the north east coast, we know the best spots and the best dive companies in the industry.

Yes, we know what you are thinking; “it is not fun if I am not spearfishing”. But to develop better spearfishing skills, you will need to develop better freediving skills, so put that spearfishing gun aside, grab the rest of your spearfishing gear and come train with us!

Click below on the desired location to book online or reach us to discuss your specific training goals and come join us for a fun day out exploring the ocean and training to excel your performance!

Sunshine Coast


Gold Coast

Learn to freedive with expert instructors & small classes in a safe and supportive environment.