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Freediving Gold Coast

Our Freediving Gold Coast day trips are great for easy access to deep blue water just a 15 minute boat ride from the marina. It is the perfect location for depth training as well as exploration diving. With the locals’ favourite Wonder Reef (YES, we are the only freediving school allowed to freedive the Wonder Reef) and the Scottish Prince Wreck as well as the beautiful Cook Island packed with turtles close by, we have a variety of great freediving sites to choose from based on the conditions of the day. 

Our ocean exploration in Gold Coast is more of a drifting line diving session, to train depth skills and progression, this trips are suitable for certified Freedivers looking to explore the ocean as well as those still needing to complete PADI Freediver, SSI Freediving or Molchanovs Wave 1, Wave 2 or Wave 3  course requirements in the ocean. The trip will include a depth training session to work on depth disciplines and on certain days, and exploration dive on the dive sites based on weather conditions. 

Our Freediving Gold Coast sessions are run in two parts. Firstly a line training session in the blue ocean to excel your skills as a freediver. This is followed by a recreational exploration dive (diving conditions dependant) or a second line training session to make this trip the ultimate Freediving Gold Coast experience. 

Unless you have booked an specific coaching session, as a certified freediver you will be diving with other certified freedivers, and eventhough we will try our best to bring a master freediver to help running your buoy, they might not always be available, so  you need to be confident diving with other fellow certified freedivers. There will be instructors running courses in the buoys next to you, but this is ultimately an autonomous freediving line session.

Ask us about the new Wonder Reef artificial reef that has recently opened and why Freediving in Gold Coast is quickly becoming more popular! 

Equalization problems? Book a session with Gonzalo and unlock your Frenzel technique now! 

Depth will always be weather dependent, but if you have any questions, please contact us and we will happily help you.

Please note: Unless you are coming out to complete your course, you must be a certified Freediver to join this trip.


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