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Sinkholes Retreat

Freedive Kilsby Sinkhole, guided by our partners drifters freediving

Freedive Kilsby Sinkhole

Trip Highlights

Dive in natural sinkholes

sometimes called cenotes, these natural sinkholes provide idealistic conditions for freediving.

Kilsby Sinkhole

Freedive Kilsby Sinkhole, one of the most famous sinkholes, with 24m depth and crystal clear water. These dives are guided by our partners at Drifters Freediving, who are experts in the area.

Little Blue Lake

A deeper dive site at 35m, this sinkhole if perfect for practicing your diving technique and completing a course with our experienced instuctors.

Explore crystal clear dive dites

Explore the crystal clear waters of Ewans Ponds on a self guided snorkel.

Coached depth diving sessions

dive with our experienced instructors to complete your level 1 or level 2 course.

Photographers paradise

the exceptional visibility and illuminating light rays make Kilsby Sinkhole a photographers paradise.

Southern Rock Lobsters

known as the southern rock lobster capital of Australia, dive in Port Macdonnell to catch dinner

Dive with Seals

Nearby Carpenters Rocks is known for it's colony of seals

Cook Ups

Make friends, share a meal and stories together

Guided breathwork

stretching and meditation sessions

1-on-1 equalization

and technique workshops

Freedive the Sinkholes of Mount Gambier, including Kilsby Sinkhole Mount Gambier

Join us for an unforgettable 5-day freediving retreat in the breathtaking sinkholes of Mount Gambier, South Australia!

Discover the magic of these natural cenotes, where ideal conditions await you for an incredible freediving experience. Immerse yourself in the world-renowned Kilsby Sinkhole, boasting crystal-clear water and a depth of 24m.

Our experienced instructors will guide you through your Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3 course, ensuring your skills reach new depths.

Capture mesmerizing moments in this photographer’s paradise, where the exceptional visibility and captivating light rays will enhance your shots. 

And, when you’re not exploring the depths, dive in Port Macdonnell, the southern rock lobster capital of Australia, to catch your own delicious dinner.

Join us for an adventure like no other, where you’ll make lifelong friends, share delicious meals, and create unforgettable memories.

Book your spot now and get ready to dive in!


Freedives at Kilsby Sinkhole are guided by our retreat partners and local area experts Drifters Freediving


The dates for our Kilsby Sinkholes Retreat make the most of the best diving conditions because of the warmer temperatures and sunlight in the sinkhole. The next available dates can be found at the top of this page. 

  • A Level 1, Advanced or Master Freediver Course with PADI, SSI or Molchanovs Wave 1, Wave 2 or Wave 3.
  • Daily diving sessions - 2 days in Kilsby Sinkhole and 2 days in Little Blue Lake
  • Breathwork, meditation & stretching sessions
  • A variety of Workshops
  • Transport to and from Mount Gambier
  • Food and drinks during your stay
  • Accommodation
  • Freediving Gear (some hire gear is available)
    • Mask and snorkel
    • Freediving Fins
    • Weight belt & weights
    • Neoprene socks, gloves & hood
    • Wetsuit - At least 5mm, preferably open cell neoprene. Water is around 14°C 
  • Swimwear
  • Comfortable clothes
  • Towel
  • Sunscreen
  • Yoga mat
  • Personal toiletries
  • Mask & snorkel - free
  • Weight belt - $30
  • Freediving fins - $60
  • 4 nights shared accommodation in Port McDonnell in a shared holiday house ($200 per person).

The weather in Mount Gambier in December can be up to 24° during the day but can get quite chilly at  night.

In the sinkhole the water  is under 15°C

Access to it is via a ramp, steps and ladders – please consider whether you are physically fit and able to enter and exit it before you book. If you are unsure, please contact us. 

Plan to arrive in Mount Gambier by early afternoon on the first day of the retreat, we will meet and check in at 3pm. We will dive in the afternoon of the last day of the retreat so plan to leave Mount Gambier in the late afternoon. 

Accommodation Overview

OceanSense guests will be staying at the beautiful Ocean Prana resort purposely built for Freedivers to escape into the world of diving. Situated in Bali’s freediving mecca, Amed, with a 25m pool, clean and spacious rooms, yoga pavilion & restaurant.

Freedivers playground Jemeluk Bay is just across the road with easy access to deep blue water and tropical reefs.

Ocean Prana caters for all your needs and will help you find your zen!

Included is shared accommodation in beautiful timber bungalows with 6 beds per room, 2 upstairs and 4 downstairs. Spacious shared bathroom facilities accompany each shared room.

There is the option to upgrade to a private room, these rooms have very limited availability so be sure to book them early.

Optional Upgrades

Family Cabin

1 King + 2 Single Beds
+ $400 per cabin, minimum three people

Couple Cabin

1 King Bed
+ $320 per cabin, minimum two people

Retreat Schedule

The below schedule is an example and is subject to change. Dives at Kilsby Sinkhole and Little Blue Lake are guided & coached. All other diving is self guided, although we’re happy to give you lots of directions, tips and advice!

Day 1Arrive in Mount Gambier
  • Arrive in Mount Gambier today
  • Those completing a freediving course will start their course theory at 3pm
  • Group dinner and get to know your new freediving family
Day 2Freedive Kilsby Sinkhole
  • Morning meditation
  • Those completing a course will do a Pool Skills session in the morning.
  • Freedive Kilsby Sinkhole – dive up to 24m depth, explore the crystal clear water and play in the stunning light rays
  • In the afternoon you might choose to dive in Port Macdonnell, the lobster capital of Australia and catch a feed for tonight
  • Each night we’ll gather for a group dinner, bring a plate and share
Day 3Little BLue Lake
  • Morning breathwork & stretching
  • Depth diving in Little Blue Lake – dive up to 35m and practice your freediving skills and technique
  • Take the afternoon to explore one of the other amazing sinkholes in the local area in your own time. Some of our favourites are Piccaninnie Pond or Ewans Ponds.
Day 4Freedive Kilsby SinkHole
  • Morning Freediving Workshop
  • Freedive Kilsby Sinkhole – refine your diving skills, take the opportunity to capture some stunning photos and videos in the famous sinkhole light rays
  • Take a self guided drive to nearby Carpenters Rocks, famous for its seal colony. Take your wetsuit if you’re keen to jump in!
Day 5Freedive Little Blue Lake
  • Morning breathwork & stretching
  • Depth diving in Little Blue Lake – dive up to 35m and practice your freediving skills and technique
  • Tick off any last locations you haven’t dived yet
  • Farewell dinner with the group

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