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Master Freediving course

SSI Freediving Level III Molchanovs Wave 3 PADI Master Freediver

Master Freediving Course Overview

Internships Available

If you’re ready to enter the world of elite or professional Freediving then our Master Freediving course is the next step.

This is the peak of recreational freediving educations, a highly educational program that will teach you everything you need to know about freediving and help you in the transition to become a professional freediver master.

At this level, as required for the agencies that you may choose (SSI Freediver Level 3, Molchanovs Wave 3 or PADI Master Freediver), the skills at thise course should not only be accomplished, but need to be shown at a demonstration level along with overall professionalism throughout the course. 

We understand that everyone is different, so according to your level of entry, we can make a plan for you. This is also available as an internship programme which you can call to discuss with us your available options. 

Whether you’re looking to learn techniques for improving your breath-holding capacity, enhance your fitness and relaxation skills, or fine-tune your diet and lifestyle habits, this comprehensive course has it all.

With experienced instructors based in the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Whitsundays and Airlie Beach,  OceanSense Freediving is the perfect place to complete your PADI Master Freediver, SSI Freediving Level 3 or Molchanovs Wave 3 certification course.

The objective of the Master Freediver course is to develop the following skills:

  • Static breath hold of at least 3:30 minutes
  • Dynamic apnea of at least 75m – 90m length
  • A constant weight dive to 32m – 40m depth
  • A competent pool and ocean rescue with tow and hangs
  • A presentation on a topic from the Level 1 Freediving course
  • Other self-rescue skills
  • Based on the chosen agency, other requirements or presentations may be required.

This course opens on demand, just reach to us to schedule the most convenient dates for you!


This course is suitable for experienced freedivers with a SSI Freediving level 2 or PADI Advanced Freediver or Molchanovs Wave 2 certification.

Click here to learn more about the previous certification.

This course can be used to certify you for PADI Master and SSI freediving level 3 certification. In most locations we can also include certification for Molchanovs Wave 3, please contact us for more info.

This course is available in Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Airlie Beach.

We would definitely recommend you join one of our equalization workshops to unlock the full potential of your frenzel fattah (deep frenzel) technique and / or your mouthfill technique.

Master Freediving Course Outline

Prior to the course you will receive an e-learning program that will take approx 1 hour to complete prior to the course.

Day #1

9 am - 4 pm (approximately)

Classroom learning:

  • Theory of Master Freediving
  • Advanced Equalisation, breath word and meditation
  • Buoy and line setup
  • Lung and body stretching 

Pool skills session:

  • Advanced static breath hold techniques
  • Advanced dynamic apnea techniques
  • Rescue technique

Days #2 and #3

7 am - 1 pm (approximately)

Ocean skills & exploration: 

A half-day of ocean diving where we will practice deeper diving skills and aim to dive to a depth of 32m

  • Deep free immersion and constant weight freedive
  • Deep open water rescue drill
  • Buoy & line set up and management


To enroll in the Master Freediver course you:

  • Must be 18 years old or older
  • Hold a level two Freediver certification from an approved freediver organization
  • Have no medical conditions related to this activity

Enquire Now

Available on Request

Please contact us and we’ll find a date that suits you.

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OceanSense Freediving Reviews

Excellent5.0 Based on 338 reviews fromPeter T.Peter T. ★★★★★ “You don’t know what you don’t know” wow, I've been in and around ocean activities all my life and this L1 coarse opened my eyes and put a lot of fineness and more importantly a lot of valuable safety components into my dive routine.I can’t thank Jenna and Matt enough.Michał M.Michał M. ★★★★★ I had the opportunity to complete my level 1 freediving certification with Jenna. Jenna is very knowledgeable, patient, and a great communicator. She’s really a pleasure to work with and a great personality. I would highly recommend training with Ocean Sense and Jenna in particular.Luke M.Luke M. ★★★★★ Very informative course! As a spear fisherman we probably aren’t as aware of recovery and the appropriate techniques to conserve oxygen compared to Freedive where it is a lot more regulated. Being able to pick up on small changes to improve breath hold time as well as comfortability whilst diving was well worth completing this course. Highly recommend it even if you are a seasoned spearo.Bree M.Bree M. ★★★★★ I’ve been on two retreats now with these incredible instructors. The first was in Amed -Bali and it was amazing! Highly recommend!This was with Matt, Jenna and Gonzalo - all instructors are fabulous!The second is one I just finished up in Lake Barrine. I’ve been wanting to focus more on progressing my diving and getting comfortable with going deeper. The Oceansense team set up the space so brilliantly; from meeting everyone the night before, preparing us with exercises before we go into the water and then when we were in the water, starting off slow and watching our techniques. By the end of the last day, I was diving comfortably to depths that I used to struggle to get to.They really care about your small wins and their passion for their job really shines.Thankyou so much Matt and Jenna for sharing your knowledge. And Thankyou Lisa as well!Definitely recommend the wonderful Oceansense Team 🌟💜Taru H.Taru H. ★★★★★ I did a freediving depth camp and wave3 course with oceansense freediving. I haven’t been freediving for a while and was not so sure how it goes. Matt and Jenna made me feel really relaxed with my dives, they were really good instructors, so it was easy to take all the new information in and to the practice. I definitely got so much to take with me to my freediving journey. 😊Marinda P.Marinda P. ★★★★★ I just completed my Level 1 PADI Freedive course with Gonzalo and the crew at OceanSense. Had such a wonderful time and exceeded my own expectations thanks to their teaching. Massive thank you and highly recommend 🙂Mark C.Mark C. ★★★★★ Amazing instructors make this a sport that anyone can find joy in immersing into. Beautiful locations too!Jackson W.Jackson W. ★★★★★ We had an amazing experience with OceanSense! As a passionate spearo, I found their course incredibly beneficial for perfecting my technique and learning essential life-saving recoveries. Matt and the team are incredibly knowledgeable and dedicated to helping you reach new personal bests while ensuring safety remains paramount.My partner, who was less experienced and a bit anxious about the course, also joined me. The OceanSense team went above and beyond, taking the time to work with her on equalization and finning technique. They were patient and accommodating, showing genuine care for each participant's progress and well-being.I wholeheartedly recommend OceanSense to anyone with a love for the water. Their professionalism, expertise, and genuine concern for their students' success make them stand out. Thanks to OceanSense, we had a fantastic time!Regards Jack and Shaqiraalex C.alex C. ★★★★★ Awesome course with great instructors.Was very interesting to learn the facts and put them to practice.Cheers🤙Derek J.Derek J. ★★★★★ Conducted my freedive level 1 with Jenna and Matt, they made the course enjoyable and held a relaxed atmosphere- good people ,fun course !Trent K.Trent K. ★★★★★ Thanks Jenna and the Ocean Sense team it was absolutely amazing. You guys have given me a new perspective of free diving and I’m slightly obsessed 🤪. I felt so welcomed and comfortable the whole time, and my mates and I had and really fun weekend while learning so much about ourselves. HIGHLY RECOMMEND Ruby S.Ruby S. ★★★★★ 100% recommend free diving! Jenna was amazing with the theory side of it while also making the practical diving skills so enjoyable and fun while also being educational. Loved the weekend learning to free drivedaniel P.daniel P. ★★★★★ Very friendly great team, make you feel very welcome and relaxed. Money well spent. Look forward to doing the next level with them.Callista H.Callista H. ★★★★★ Enjoyed getting my freediving certification, instructor was very helpfulRaquel Alegría R.Raquel Alegría R. ★★★★★ El curso que lleve en OceanSense Freediving con Gonzalo fue muy completo, cubrimos teoría y practica de wave 1 reforzando y sumando a los conocimientos que ya tenía. Resaltó que cubrió mía expectativas. Gonzalo transmite confianza y tranquilidad, eso se vio reflejado en mis buceos en el mar. Estou feliz! He avanzado considerablemente en mi practica de apnea gracias al curso del sistema educativo Molchanov de Oceansense freediving y a Gonzalo Cortés. Totalmente recomendado!Rob A.Rob A. ★★★★★ Had a great time with these guys, even with bad vis. Will go out again for sure!Helen Grace Aranda R.Helen Grace Aranda R. ★★★★★ La experiencia de hacer el curso y certificarme como Wave 1 fue totalmente alucinante! Gonzalo tiene la capacidad de fomentar que podamos permitirnos relajarnos y concentrarnos a la vez, para poder hacer las inmersiones adecuadas.Había ido solo una vez al mar a hacer profundidad y había llegado a los 9 metros, honestamente pensaba que no lograría llegar a los 12 metros requeridos para la certificación y esa idea me aterraba, pero durante el curso, aprendí a confiar más en mi y en mis capacidades, logre llegar a 13.5 metros en mi primer intento de inmersión con Gonzalo y la sensación fue de otro mundo! 🤩.Estoy sumamente agradecida de que Gonzalo se haya animado a impartir el curso en Lima y lo esperamos con mucho cariño para su próxima visita! Y nuestra próxima certificación como Wave 2 o tal vez wave 3!.Acá seguimos entrenando constantemente y saliendo al mar de manera más continua.Gracias Gonzalo, nos dejaste grandes enseñanzas e impartiremos lo aprendido con nuestros compañeros de entrenamiento.Gracias #OceanSenseFreediving y #Molchanovs por permitirnos realizar esta súper aventura. El team #OceanMen los espera con los brazos abiertos en Lima 🤗.Gracias totales! Los super recomiendo!Connie Antuanette Pinto Salerno (.Connie Antuanette Pinto Salerno (. ★★★★★ Gonzalo es el instructor que todos desearían tener, tanto si estás empezando en el mundo del freediving o si ya tienes un nivel avanzado. Tiene un approach y don innato para enseñar y transmitir todos sus conocimientos. Es muy paciente y te genera seguridad y confianza para lograr todos tus objetivos. Sin duda recomiendo este curso.Enrique V.Enrique V. ★★★★★ Gonzalo es un excelente instructor, no solo explica de manera natural, tiene una manera muy sencilla de hacer las cosas sin dejar de lado ningun detalle de seguridad que es lo primordial. Han sido unos dias buenisimos con el como instructor, te da seguridad en todo momento. Muchas gracias Gonzalo y espero que no pase mucho para volver a encontrarnos!ysaac suaña B.ysaac suaña B. ★★★★★ Increíble experiencia compartida y un gran programa impartida por Gonzalo Cortes, instructor completo y experimentado en este campo de la apnea. Nos ha dejado maravillados con el conocimiento y pedagogía mostrada que tiene para que todos seamos mejores.js_loader

Learn to freedive with expert instructors & small classes in a safe and supportive environment.