Top 5 Most Inspiring Freediving Movies and Documentaries

Top 5 Most Inspiring Freediving Movies and Documentaries that we love

Now that the new James Cameron movie Avatar 2, has been released and everyone is talking about how Kate Winslet and some of the cast and stunts had to film and act while holding their breath and freediving has now convert into a hot topic. And maybe you just finished it and need some more inspiring movies to watch at home. Well here is a short list of where to start:

Let’s start with the reason why many of us freedivers started this activity, Le Grand Bleu (The Big Blue) nowadays considered a cult movie, tells the (strongly adapted) story of Jacques Mayol and Enzo Maiorca and their distinguished friendship during the early days of competitive freediving. Make sure you stick to the 1988 version of it.

Another freedivers popcorn classic would be No Limits, the Audrey Mestre Documentary. No, we are not talking about the No Limits movie on Netflix, we are talking about the 2016 ESPN Documentary. Where they interview the actual people involved in the event that changed the course of our beloved sport. A fascinating and intimate look into both the mental and physical preparation of her endeavor. Best thing is that you can find it for free on YouTube.

Now let’s put in here that movie/documentary on Netflix that brought many people into the sport in these past couple of years, the Netflix creation and Oscar winner, My Octopus Teacher. Once you process the anxiety that seeing Craig Foster continuously with the snorkel in his mouth may create on you, the documentary really drives you to the urgent need to get in the water and become friends with an octopus.

Jaques Mayol, was also a well-known writer, author of the book Homo Delphinus, The Dolphin Within Man, who has not only inspired Le Grand Blue, but also a few more productions, like Dolphin Man, a stunning documentary that talks about the life and life philosophy of Jaques Mayol and the early days of the sport.

Of course, we couldn’t finish this article without including in the list the 2001 Documentary about the rivalry between Umberto Pelizzari and Pippin Ferreras (Yes, Audrey’s Husband) as they continue their race to become the deepest man on earth: Ocean Men: Extreme Dive

Of course this is not all, there are many other good apnea related films and ocean life documentaries that will ignite you will to hold your breath and get in the water immediately. We just decided to grab five of our favourites ones and share them with you, Do you think we have missed one? Which other documentary or movie is our there that you think we should have put on here?

Feeling inspired, but don’t really know what Freediving is? Here is an article that explains it better. Remember the golden rule for freediving: NEVER FREEDIVE ALONE! 

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